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The same river twice

My hirsute friend Mr Ed Blog didn't like the Matrix. I have a feeling the venerable Archbishop Melker feels a bit the same.

I liked it, despite some disbelief-inducing features. I think I'm biased because the idea that the sensory world is a product of the interaction of the nervous system with a digital substrate is one that I instinctively agree with, but which doesn't get as much exposure as it should in action movies. I'll ignore the fact that revealing this digital substrate as a bunch of greeen numbers is pretty dumb - after all movies require the visual representation of non-visual ideas.

Yes, despite its flaws, the intersection of sex (well, OK, cuteness) violence and philosophy is just too rare and too appealing not to warm my heart.

Alas I have just read a seemingly-intelligent review of Matrix Reloaded which makes me fear that the second installment might preserve the overt crowd-pleasers of the first installment, while betraying the ideas that made it interesting.

What a shame. The recent sequels (Two Towers, Chamber of Secrets) have somehow slightly failed to live up to the promise of their predecessors. Or is it just me, getting old?

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