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It has been quite a lot of fun frittering this morning away at the computer.

Consider this statement:

For men (orgasm) is quick, easy and essential for reproduction. For women, it is slow, difficult and purely for pleasure. Yet despite such differences, it brings the sexes together and is the basis of the monogamy that distinguishes us from other animals.

I think this paragraph has nine different assertions, and I think probably six of them are obviously wrong, and another (brings the sexes together) a bit iffy. What is it about sex that makes people talk nonsense?

What about this.

The theory advanced by many feminists holds that the female orgasm is an evolutionary adaptation, triggered by nothing more elaborate than straight intercourse; if it is not, there is something abnormal about the woman or inadequate with the man.

Ah, yes. That feminist theory that says women are abnormal if they don't want straight intercourse.

here's another one

In cultures where foreplay is forbidden, or you have to be clothed to have sex, the potentiality for (female) orgasm may be universally untapped.

"It is important to realise," Mead concluded, "that such an unrealised potentiality is not necessarily felt as frustration."

Yeah, right.

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