Communicator (communicator) wrote,

I'm stumped

You probably have heard about last week's Doonesbury strip, in which ultra-long-standing character BD loses a leg in the Iraq war (see lj synication here, start at 19th April). These are really worth reading, though more moving if you have been following the characters for decades.

This entire sequence was banned by several US newspapers. At first I thought it was due to political pressure, or squeamishness. The newspapers however claimed it was due to bad language. I imagined that BD would regain consciousness, see that his leg was off, and say 'Fuck'. One would understand the sentiment.

In fact what he said was 'Son of a Bitch!'

Me: Huh? Is that supposed to count as swearing nowadays? Is this some cultural difference? Or is it a thin excuse to succumb to political pressure, to hide news of war casualties even in comic form? These questions are not rhetorical.
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