Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Kill Bill 2

I went to see Kill Bill yesterday. This movie has polarised opinion: read sample positive and negative reviews, though the most typical response seems to be, 'I haven't made up my mind yet'.

My verdict:

- Dazzling, painterly, teknik, cool, funny

- Shallow, ill-thought out, poorly storied, up itself

Non-realism gives us more scope to explore important stuff. If this film has any non-superficial quality, it is the opportunity it gives to think about how damagable people are, and what consequences that has for how we comport ourselves. By making all the protagonists super-soldiers he makes the process of damage more fun to watch, and also a bit absurd.

Prognosis: Tarantino will have to mature fast and far, or he is going to lose it altogether.
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