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Television cinematography as art - The Ex-Communicator

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November 10th, 2012

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09:33 am - Television cinematography as art
Can you tell this is my one time a week I allow myself to much about online? Back to work in a few moments.

Here is a beautiful video showcasing the Cinematography of Breaking Bad.


What I want from art of all kinds is to feel the beauty and horror of life, to wake up from the kind of dull trance we fall into (I fall into, I think other people do): as Wordsworth said 'Getting and Spending we lay waste our powers'.

I think that video works as a standalone.

There are clever things in particular camera shots. For example, sitting in front of the desert sunset you see Walt is eating a hoop-shaped thing. That is a 'FunYun', and he has mocked Jesse for eating them. Walt eating Jesse's food is a gentle sign of their reconciliation. In the next series, on the day they destroy the camper van, Walt sees a bag of FunYuns in the van, and he reconciles with Jesse. This kind of narrative thread adds a further layer to the shots. But I think the video stands alone as a piece of TV poetry.

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