Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Page 3 stunna

One good thing that Franz Ferdinand did was to publish a page 3 picture of bottomless man (as opposed to a topless woman). Here is that naughty picture if you want to see it. Warning - it has been judged obscene.

Damn, I knew you wouldn't be shocked.

Here is a discussion with the photographer. Virtually everything he says is good, and worth quoting.

My G2 page three - John and Paula, Sitting Bottomless - comes from that series. The magazine published John and Paula, Sitting Bottomless, but couldn't do so without it being censored. And so John appeared with a big orange dot covering his penis.

"In 1996, I made an installation for a group show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. All the work had to be screened by the curator. He waved through every female nude - but every male nude became the subject of discussion, and several were vetoed.

It's ridiculous that supposedly rational people can be so blind to this inequality. And it's not just an inequality between men and women. It is still considered more obscene to show two men kissing before the watershed on TV than it is to show two men kill each other... This isn't just upsetting. It's obscene.

Essentially, ideas of obscenity are defined by powerful political interests... they think sexuality needs to be controlled. "
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