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The Walking Dead

I have just watched the finale to the second season of The Walking Dead on Channel 5. This is another AMC program. It's not in the same league as Mad Men or Breaking Bad, but I like to watch it. The next season begins in October, and it has David Morrissey in it.

I find zombies super-frightening. More frightening than werewolves and vampires. 'Zombie apocalypse' is a great modern horror trope. It plays on our awareness that there are too many people on the Earth and not enough resources, and that we might end up fighting each other to survive. That's my feeling anyway. Unlike werewolf or vampire it does not dramatise the threat of an evil outsider, but the evil weight of numbers and dumb hunger. And the way people stop being like people, and don't relate to each other in a humane way.

I think the politics of the show is a bit weird. The zombie apocalypse story justifies a lot of stuff that right wingers want to be true, but doesn't really work in modern society. For example, I have seen Americans online saying that the British would be greatly disadvantaged if there were a zombie apocalypse, because we don't have ready access to lots of guns. My feeling is that this is absolutely true. However - let's be honest - there isn't going to be a zombie apocalypse. But rather some more complex slow apocalypse, which we may be able to negotiate and compromise our way through. We might have rationing and national service and social welfare to get through the worse times.

The zombie story cuts through all of that liberal lefty crap. It imposes on the world a bizarre circumstance which means that right wing values - don't care for those outside your group, because they don't care for you - are plainly correct. Never negotiate, don't co-operate, keep the outsiders out, they aren't even human. If there really were a zombie apocalypse then it would make sense for the women to be kept indoors, resources to be guarded, and a woman walking around on her own would be crazy. It would probably make sense for men to have multiple wives. There would be no crap about democracy or gun control. It wouldn't merely justify conservatism, it would mandate fascism.

Anyway, in real life there isn't going to be a zombie apocalypse. There will always be a better way, a bit more lefty, because the other humans will still be human and you will be able to bargain with them. But it is kind of fun to imagine a world where life really is nasty, brutish and short. And by 'fun' I mean frightening and disturbing, but really exciting.

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