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'Hooray for us'

getawaywithit has edited the TV wiki that I mentioned a few days ago, to add an entry about Blakes 7 relating it to various TV themes identified elsewhere on the site. In the spirit of the wiki you may wish to extend this, or add your own favourite shows.

Linking from this, I like the definition of the five-man-band, as seen on Scooby Doo, Mission Impossible, Star Wars etc.

The Hero - the clean-cut, upstanding youth. Luke Skywalker, King Arthur or Robin Hood. Captain Kirk, Captain Picard. Generally The Captain. Aragorn. Buffy. Lead singer. John Crichton. (=Blake, Tarrant wannabe)

The Lancer - the rough-cut, grizzled warrior anti-hero. Han Solo, Will Scarlet, Launcelot. Will Riker or any other Number Two. If someone is going to go Shape Shifter it will often be this guy. Boromir. Faith. Lead guitarist. Aeryn Sun. (=Avon)

The Big Guy - the strongman of the team, often dumb or mute. Chewbacca, Little John. Worf. Gimli. Xander, sort of. Bassist or Drummer. D'Argo. (=Gan)

The Smart Guy - the weak, but intelligent or clever member, often annoying or for comic relief. C 3 PO, Friar Tuck. Often a Trickster Archetype. Data. Legolas. (EDIT ????, well OK he is annoying) Willow. Keyboardist. Rygel. (=Vila)

The Chick - the oft token female who has been incorporated into the core group. Leia, Maid Marion, Princess Whoever from Whatever. Troi, Uhura. April O'Neil. (=Jenna)

These five are often supplemented by

The Pet - the sidekick, often a furry pet where such is appropriate, or a robot. R 2 D 2?, Scooby Doo. The Hobbits, sort of. (=Orac)

The Mentor - the wise advisorly type who comes and goes. Obi Wan, Merlin, Yoda. Gandalf. (=Cally)

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