Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Thinking of buying a new computer

I am still too busy. When I told the current place that I was leaving they offered me a better job, but not enough to tempt me. Nice to be asked though.

The computer I mainly use is quite rubbish. I was wondering what I should buy next. I have a little bit of money to spend. I want a decent new computer to use at home, and something I can carry around with me. I was wondering whether I might get a slate with a docking station like this. Or get a laptop and an i-Phone (or something). I am quite ignorant.

I was at a meeting last week where someone passed round a document they had made on a i-Pad and it was pretty awful. I could get some kind of tablet and a laptop perhaps. At H's work they use a lot of Lenovo products, and he says they are quite tough and reliable.
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