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Martin Freeman in Sherlock

I've enjoyed Sherlock, mostly, and I've enjoyed reading people's reviews of it. All I have to say is that in the final few scenes, Martin Freeman's acting made me feel great emotion, and I don't feel that very often when I'm watching the television nowadays. When he said 'Jesus, no' it reminded me of what it feels like when someone dies, and it's irreversible forever. Seriously, I was like some cyborg dimly perceiving human emotion: 'what is this water you humans call... tears?'

I think Freeman must be a deceptively good actor, because I can remember the great emotion I felt at the end of The Office, and I am wondering now whether he made that happen more than I realised at the time. I have tended to feel he is an amiable actor and a good person, who has been fortunate in the parts he has played. But now, seeing him transcend the material and give it an authenticity which I think it lacked in its words alone, I am wondering how much of the punch of The Office came from the extra shade of significance he added in his portrayal of Tim.

Two reviews which people might like to read 'off lj' are Dan Hartland here and Abigail here. Both express mixed feelings about the show, and leave plenty for discussion.
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