Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Christmas Card to you

Hi folks, Instead of sending you a Christmas card I donated to Oxfam on behalf of you. This year I paid to Educate a Child on behalf of my livejournal f-list.

It's been one of the strangest years ever. I liked Charlie Brooker's piece this week in the Guardian.
2011 has been like one big end-of-season finale; a climactic episode in which multiple story arcs come to a head. It's used up far too much news for one year. How can 2012 possibly compete? Surely the event cupboard is bare.

Yes, they threw it all at us this time. Next season I hope they (and by 'they' I suppose I mean The Universe) plan something a bit gentler for us all. Perhaps a musical episode, or a blooper reel. That's all I've got the stamina for.
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