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Cameron's decision to step away from Europe

I like the idea of greater integration and co-operation across Europe. But the current EU is so poorly designed that it is hard to support it.

I have always been torn between thinking that we (people of good will I guess I mean) should support the EU, on the basis that we can then transform it from within, and thinking that we should reject it as something so bad that it needs a complete redesign from the ground up. A cross-border currency must be supported by cross-border democratic institutions and distributed welfare provision, or it can't work. I mean, to me that's obvious. Sarkozy and Merkel are right wing politicians, and they are never going to roll out a democratic egalitarian welfare Europe. Sarkozy will probably be replaced by a Socialist in his own country soon, and the right are trying to institutionalise authoritarian policies which can not be reversed just because of pesky election defeat. So I oppose the current EU.

But on the other hand, Cameron has walked away from the EU in the opposite direction to what I would like. He has cut the UK off from the EU because of their one good idea - they want to regulate the financial sector, and make it contribute some money to the recovery. He is protecting the two or three thousand hyper-rich people who are his only constituency, at the expense of the seventy million people whose interests he is supposed to represent at the negotiating table.

And there is even another complication, which is that (as I have said before) Cameron is not very clever or substantial, he's all surface with nothing to fall back on, so he's messed up even that process. He's failed at the one thing he actually tried to do - make the rich even richer.

In summary: the EU are rubbish, Eurosceptics are rubbish, and Cameron has been rubbish. Nick Clegg's contribution I compare to the back end of the human centipede.

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