Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The Good the Bad and the Multiplex

This week I have been listening on my i-Pod to Mark Kermode, the film critic, read his own rantings about film 'The Good the Bad and the Multiplex: what's wrong with modern movies.' I like Kermode. He's powerfully irascible, but he seems like a nice bloke. The sections, or essays or whatever they are, are about:

Prologue: Mourning the loss of the projectionist in modern cinema
Chapter 1: Funny ranting anecdote about how awful it is to try and see a film in a multiplex, with incompetent staff and the horrors of an incorrect aspect ratio
Chapter 2: Modern summer blockbusters are utter shite
Chapter 3: 3-D is a waste of time, and will fail
Chapter 4: Being a film critic - why oh why does he even bother
Chapter 5: Why the Oscars and the US Market have a distorting effect on British cinema, forcing it into a narrow heritage/monarchist groove
Chapter 6: A smashing overview of non-English-language films, and why we should watch them in the original language (with subtitles) and not remake them and ruin them
Epilogue: Regret that celluloid is being replaced by digital film

Amiable ranting fun.
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