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Things on my Kindle

I have had my Kindle about a year now. I have put 76 books onto it, most of them were free or a few pence, so I think it has paid for itself. Perhaps the most noticeable thing is that almost every time I sit in a cafe and read it, a young waitress comes over to talk to me about it, which is nice.

I've got the books organised into 8 menus: horror and SF, poetry, crime, philosophy, literature and history, humour, science and reference.

This is what I have on the Horror and SF menu:

Tales of Horror: Arthur Machen
The Night Land: William Hope Hodgson
The Book of Were-Wolves: Sabine Baring-Gould
10 Ghost Stories: Algernon Blackwood
19 Ghost Stories: MR James
Unseen Academicals: Terry Pratchett
It: Stephen King
67 stories: HP Lovecraft (67 seems a lot?)
How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe: Charles Yu
Let the Right One in: J A Lindqvist
The Small Hand: Susan Hill
Dracula: Bram Stoker
I Have Waited and You have Come: Martine McDonagh
The Picture of Dorian Gray: Oscar Wilde
Kraken: Chine Mieville
City of the Dead: Paul McAuley

The only one I haven't read any of is 'How to Live Safely'. I forgot it was on there to be honest.

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