Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The discipline of silence

You may have seen the viral video of police pepper-spraying non-resisting OWS protesters at UC Davis (I think that's in San Diego?). It's shocking and disgusting.

This is the way the protesters reacted to the Chancellor of the University - who had called in the cops - as she left the building. If you haven't time to watch the video, they stand in complete silence as she walks to her car. The video I have linked to is entitled 'Walk of shame'.

It is extremely powerful and shows impressive discipline by the young people. This is a tactic I would like to see used in this country. I think it is more powerful that any shouted slogan. When coalition politicians come to visit an area we should simply stand in silence, and mutely watch them walk. No attacks. Nothing thrown. Everywhere they go, people standing in silence. I applaud the younger generation for their intelligence and self-command.
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