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What can we do about it? Just about everything.

Chomsky has started a blog. This is so great. edblog says it is like Nietzche set up a blog.

EDIT - can't believe I left out the link to it

Let me temper my enthusiasm.

Noam is pretty clueless when it comes to internet stuff. The Zmag address tells you what is happening... Michael Albert (or some other Zneter) is extracting stuff from Noam’s political forum, and combining it with stuff Noam directly e-mails.

So, it's all his own words, but he isn't sitting there with blog software. And he isn't reading the comments or anything.

According to Congressional Budget office economists, real income of the bottom 90% of taxpayers fell by 7% from the mid-1970s through the Clinton boomlet (largely a bubble), while the income of the top .01% rose 600%. And mobility sharply declined as well.

This, as so much else, I got from Crooked Timber.

EDIT: The comments to the blog are to be avoided though, unless you want to sneer at the barely literate. Which, to be fair, I do. This is one of the better written, but still risible:

"I am a student of linguistics. Or rather, I WAS, before your nonsensical theorizing that passes for science drove me away from it. You, Chomsky, have singlehandedly ruined my career. Drop dead, you brainless sack of shit."

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