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The semiotics of the moustache: to signal 'natural' masculine identity plus social constraint on identity. So, a Victorian model of maleness which pre-exists culture but finds its form via culture. Authoritarian, structured, conflicted. I know I have read that expressed better.

I used to hate moustaches but I kind of like them nowadays. Inner struggle more poignant than oppressive. Moustached men at least wear their struggles under their own noses. It's yer smooth-cheeks you wanna watch out for.

Anyway now it's Movember, when guys grow moustaches for charity. Here is a list of my top ten moustaches for Movember:

Walter White
Clement Attlee
AE Housman
Terry Thomas
Random steampunk guy
William Shakespeare
Wild Bill Hickok
Harold Rex

Now, nearly everyone of those you think 'You poor guy'. Coincidence? Or inner conflict expressed via facial hair?

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