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More on Coriolanus

I have been working quite hard lately to keep up with my commitments in writing and teaching. I did take a big break on Saturday and I went to Warwick Arts Centre, and met up with emmzzi. The event was a talk by professor Tony Howard about film representations of 'Shakespeare's Rome'. That was really interesting but a little bit frustrating because I would have liked to have seen more - more clips, more analysis. It passed like a flash. Then emmzzi and I went and had some lunch, it was great to have a chance to catch up.

Then the showing of Coriolanus. I posted on Saturday to say it was hard for me to judge it objectively. There are two reasons. One is that I have been thinking for ages - since I saw it at the theatre - about a modern-dress version of Coriolanus. I have been reading the play for a couple of years now, and deciding how I would stage it. For example some of the scenes I would have in a TV studio, as a filmed debate, cutting to people watching it on screen. I had no idea Fiennes was doing this for real. And that could have been a problem for me, except that the decisions he made are really close to the ones I had in mind. So, this film is like my own private idea, projected outwards onto a screen. A real thrill for me. Great experience.

The guy who introduced the film said that Coriolanus had been a real obsession with Ralph Fiennes, and many of the decisions Fiennes made about interpretation are totally in line with what I wanted to see. For example, I said this before, he has made the struggle between democracy and arrogant separation more equal and more painful. And he has totally shown the emotional relationship between Coriolanus and Aufidius as I see it in my mind's eye.

This film is just right for me. I am concerned that its release has been delayed, and I hope that a wider audience will be as excited and impressed by it as I have been.

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