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Anonymous and Los Zetas - The Ex-Communicator

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November 2nd, 2011

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10:59 pm - Anonymous and Los Zetas
I posted a couple of weeks ago about Los Zetas Cartel. I said that
...war is not about nation states necessarily. I think war will become more distributed and pervasive...Los Zetas and similar organisations might become a freelance force within this overall military context... these kind of cartels are the most bloodthirsty groups on earth.

Los Zetas have kidnapped a member of the hacker group Anonymous. Anonymous then threatened to expose people who collaborate with Los Zetas in a video featuring a guy in that Guy Fawkes mask. However, other members of Anonymous have sought to backtrack on this, citing the fact that Los Zetas have recently murdered bloggers who they accused of threatening to expose them, and displayed their bodies in public. Here is a link to the story in Wired, plus upsetting image.

Fearing violent retaliation against anyone in Mexico who had an association with them, Anonymous withdrew their threat on Los Zetas. Some people feel this shows that the threat of 'exposing' and 'sharing information' and so on, will always fail in the face of actual physical violence.

My point is that this is the new type of conflict: hackers and cartels. I am not saying the old type of war is over, but this new kind of war is coming up. Of course, it looks increasingly likely that we will soon experience a good old-fashioned nuclear standoff. So, what do I know? Perhaps the old kind of war will happen after all.

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Date:November 16th, 2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
Hackers and cartels. It sounds like a barely plausible movie plot, IMHO.

Of course, it looks increasingly likely that we will soon experience a good old-fashioned nuclear standoff.

I blame the patriarchy.
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Date:November 16th, 2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
There is so much going on at the moment, it's hard to keep up with it. I honestly don't know where it will end.
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