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I'm talking about Belle Du Jour again. Sorry. Because I can be so intemperate on this subject let me fill in some background. I used to work in a shelter for teenage runaways, most of whom worked as prostitutes. It was based round the back of Kings Cross Station, and this was in the 1980's when the area was thick in filth and misery. I developed a distaste for the kind of guys who hang out in places like that, and pay women to have sex with them.

On the other hand I did have a friend who was quite severely disabled, and whose only experience of sex was with prostitutes. He was actually a perfectly nice guy. And I am sure there can be other circumstances where use of prostitutes is benign or at least functional.

OK, that's the background. I don't want to go on at too much length about what is wrong with Belle Du Jour, and why it is Middle Class Bollocks an unconvincing portrayal, but luckily I don't have to, because Cynthia Payne has said everything I want to say, in the Guardian today.

This is a load of rubbish. It's unconvincing, it doesn't sound like a woman writing, and it certainly doesn't sound like a working woman. But worst of all, it's boring. I think it's written as a kind of posh pornography... "I want to write my name in come all over you"! I mean, I ask you. Most men don't talk, they're too busy concentrating. Yes, you do get some men who like to talk dirty. But they'd never say anything like this. They're not going to recite poetry to you or write their name in come. That's just daft.

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