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The Fades and Hidden

I have seen a couple of British TV shows that people might be interested in: The Fades and Hidden.

Hidden stars Phil Glenister (= Gene Hunt) as a rough-diamond solicitor caught up in an extremely complex conspiracy. I tried to catch up with episode one yesterday evening but I kept getting distracted by mraltariel's comments (real life = more interesting than TV) and then I didn't quite follow the second episode, because I was doing something else, and basically I have failed to get my head round it. FWIW it looks intelligent, sophisticated. I haven't quite cottoned on to it yet. But that might just be my deficiency. I might try to catch up properly this weekend on iPlayer.

The Fades is an interesting show, roughly in the same sub-genre as Misfits (imaginative, violent urban fantasy with young protagonists) but I think rather more mainstream in its views, and perhaps more consistent in production values. More BBC in other words. It's well acted and written. The premise is slightly unusual. Ghosts are gaining the ability to physically interact with humans, mainly by biting their faces off. Our hero is a super-weedy 18 year old who discovers he is like, the chosen one, with powers to defeat evil and everyone is depending on him? It's actually quite a lot better, in dialogue and presentation, than that might imply. In particular our hero's interaction with his best friend, a nerdy black guy, and his new girlfriend, are well observed, funny and neat.

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    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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