Communicator (communicator) wrote,

They told you what they were

The Liam Fox scandal is an instantiation of a general observation I posted last November: 'If Greed is Good'.

I wrote:
What neo-classical and Austrian-school economics say is that if all people strive to maximise their own individual economic interests, the overall system will tend to improvement: famously rendered as 'Greed is Good'. I think we should consider what this means for the behaviour of politicians who believe these theories... if the theory is true, live by it. Do it. So, rationally and indeed by their own lights ethically, they must concentrate on maximising the income of themselves and their families and friends.

And what would be the implication for members of Government?:
I don't think political comment in Britain has yet cottoned on to the fact that our new government sincerely believe in this model... Do this job for a few years, asset-strip the exchequer, and then go on to a better paid job... That is his rational interest, so why would he not pursue it? If someone tells you they think it's right to take the money and run, one should not be surprised if they do it. They told you first.

British Conservatism implements the 'take the money and run' model via a system of friendly collaboration based on extra-governmental contacts, usually formed during late teenage years. And within this context I think you need to understand that Fox doesn't think he's done anything wrong. They think that's how life should be. And as I said a year go 'they told you first'.
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