Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Neo Nero, fiddling

I think people* get mixed up between two different types of economic crisis. The one we have at the moment is to do with mishandling of the economy. There is enough stuff and people in the world for things to be OK but the way we are managing the process is going wrong. So, for example, there is capacity for us all to be warm this winter, but some people will be cold. Repeat for a thousand instances of suffering. There are people trained to do vital work, but the work is not done. It's a tragic man-made catastrophe.

There's another kind of problem, that eventually there will not be the capacity to keep all our homes warm in winter. There will not be capacity to grow enough calories to support the population. At that point there will be terrible effects. That is a different kind of crisis, and it's further away than the current one. We ought to be concentrating our efforts on facing that coming, real, problem. Instead we are pissing about with moron economics.

* I am talking about idiots on telly and Guardian comments and so on
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