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Breaking Bad: End Times

Last night I had a transparent dream. I was wandering through a despoiled library with empty shelves. Things are running down and getting worse. These are the end times. And then on one of the shelves I saw a three-volume collection of Breaking Bad - for some reason turned into paperback novels. I got the first one out on my library ticket. If the world is coming to an end, might as well have something to read, eh?

The penultimate episode of this season of Breaking Bad presents us with a huge question. I am going to cut all the discussion - bad spoilers below the cut.

A little boy that Jesse cares about was killed, using a poison that Walt created. I think Gus did it, to make Jesse go after Walt (The AV club say Walt has been 'grooming' Jesse to kill Walt, for some time, and this is just right). Other people think Walt did it, as a double-bluff. I will eat my delicious hat if that is the case. Seriously, no. Gus did it. The devil did it. He knew it was the only way to make Jesse hate Walt. There's no way Walt would kill a little boy to make Jesse come back to him.

Anyway, regardless of which theory is right, Jesse himself thinks Gus did it. So Jesse and Walt have teamed up again, to kill Gus. Awesome. I just love it when they are back in harness together.

My prediction for next week's season finale is that it will resemble the climactic scene at the end of LA Confidential when the two who love/hate each other - Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe - hole up at the derelict Victory Motel. There is a massive gun battle, with one man being seriously wounded, and they save each other and forge a permanent bond. I think we will see something like this happen next week. I can not wait. And yet I don't want it to be over.

ETA - well, there is a terrific amount of online controversy about this issue, and I have read good arguments on both sides, though I haven't changed my mind. I wonder whether this is something which will be left open to interpretation. It is is possible we never get a definitive answer.
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