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I was reading yesterday that more and more people have no work. This is called a 'global jobs shortfall'. I think it is an indictment of our political and economic system. It is a failing system.

Human beings are the most intelligent and adaptable organisms that have ever existed - as far as we know anywhere in the whole Universe, and in 12 billion years. And the best we can do is to compel millions and millions of these brilliant creatures to sit around doing nothing, for years or lifetimes? At this time of impending crisis? When there is so much that needs to be done? It's desperately bad.

It's not that organised finance and capitalism are necessarily destructive. But any power interest which is not matched by a rival of equal power will destroy itself. It's probably good to have a powerful group which is always trying to minimise labour costs. It might even be good to have a group of people who are always trying to make as much money as they can, and hang the social and environmental cost. But it's only good if that narrow interest group is constantly coming up against other equally strong groups, which oppose and limit it. Then the different competing interests kind of annihilate and create each other. So capitalism can be positive if it is locked in a dance with an equally powerful anti-capitalism. That might be creative and exciting.

Instead we have a system where the powerful are running riot, and paradoxically that means the system is getting weaker every day. Of course every system is eventually self-correcting. If a system is weakening all the time, eventually it will become weak enough to be opposed, and then the process will stabilise. But I think it's in our interest to increase opposition to capitalism - environmentalism, workers rights, caring relationships - because paradoxically, that will mean the dialogue, the dialectic struggle, happens while capitalism still has some life in it. It means it will be a creative exciting struggle.

The alternative (in my opinion) is a massive global crash, because capitalism will destroy itself if it is unopposed, just like any other human system would.

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