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Ten years past

I think that was the rainiest holiday I have ever had. Oh well, I suppose one year has to be the worst. I got quite a lot of reading done, and we went walking in the rain a few times. It did me good to be away from any computer, away from work, housework, writing, everything.

I suppose today people's thoughts stray back to where they were this day ten years ago. I had just moved into this house, and I had just lost a pregnancy at an early stage (or had a false alarm) which had been dominating my thoughts.

My children were 9 and 12. My nine-year-old had been begging me to let her walk home with her older brother one day a week, instead of staying at after-school club. On Sept 11th I finally agreed, and she was happily telling me she was going to put on telly and 'watch cartoons' when she got home from school. Luckily, as the news broke, our CEO let us go home early and I rushed home so they weren't sitting on their own watching the television.

As it happened my kids weren't really bothered by what was being shown on the television. I can remember sitting on my own in our living room wringing my hands, saying 'I can't believe it', as the second tower came down, but the kids were rushing up and down stairs playing some kind of game, and ignoring it. I have seen children play-and-ignore many crises and I am not quite sure whether at some level they know it is serious, and they block it out, because they (rightly) know they can't handle it. Or whether they simply don't comprehend it at all.

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    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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