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OK Computer graphics

I heard that the guys who set up OK Cupid did so to gather mass data on preferences and personality so they could do interesting statistical analyses. They certainly make use of the data in creative ways now they've got it.

Here are 10 charts which present OK Cupid data in interesting visual ways.

Chart 7 is more interesting than it at first appears: you have to move the slider at the bottom to see how confidence and sex-drive change with age. Also see chart 2 - men who like it rough show above-average use of the words atheist, poetry and cynical. Who knew.

Which reminds me. I read one of these OK Cupid things a while back, about the interests which were most 'gendered'. For example, virtually all the people who said they liked crochet were women. One of the most male-skewed likes was Breaking Bad, of all things. I can't believe it.

ETA this web page seems to present the data I'm talking about in visual terms, and there's breaking bad on the men's list, though I don't see 'crochet' in the women's list.

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