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Have you noticed the new British sub-cultural label - chav (aka townie, charver, scallie, and a few I have never heard of)? For non-brits the term kind of maps onto terms like white trash, or trailer trash, or peasant I suppose.

I hate the way that people with more money think they are superior to people with less money. And a lot of this 'chav' mockery is just rich folks taking the piss out of people with less money. Tee hee, cheap jewellery. Tee hee, holidays in noisy and overcrowded places. Tee hee, horrible food.

And I like many things about chav culture. It's innocent, harmless and enthusiastic. It's made up of people who for the first time in history have enough money to eat and a bit left over. It isn't racist or homophobic. It doesn't exclude female sexuality. It doesn't hate anyone. Some chav guys (like eminem and David Beckham) are damn hot. It's less prissy and wincing and full of doubt than my current culture. I was brought up among people who would now be called chavs, and they were OK.

On the other hand it kind of pisses me off that everything is directed at chavs. TV, films, the charts, public places: all dominated by what this group will buy. Because there are so many of them and they are predictable and cheap to please. But what are chavs supposed to do? Stop buying the things they like?

I find the site I linked to quite sharp and observant. But a lot of the comments in the forum are just offensive bollocks from self-satisfied twats, some of them members of my own sub-culture. Now, do we have a name? Oh yes, I've just remembered a few.
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