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Tottenham Riots

matgb has an interesting post on last night's Tottenham riots, from a nearby location. Of course I don't agree about the solution but worth a read. In comments hano adds "What *isn't* being reported right now, is that the rioting spread west to Wood Green where the shopping centre and the high st have been systematically looted."

Here is the Guardian report. As usual, the right-wing comments which follow are a window onto another world. An ignorant, self-satisfied world.

ETA - I have to laugh at Nick Cohen's article today in the Observer: despite the austerity programme there will be No Riots in the UK. Oopsie.

The sad thing he is right about the economic mess that the UK is sliding into. But he is wrong to think that this slide will be unaccompanied by protest.
So complete has been the capture of the coalition by the moneyed interest that Osborne says in all seriousness that the one fiscal measure he simply must have at any price is not the relief of poverty or an easing of the burden on middle England, but a tax cut for the wealthiest 1% of earners. These arrant insults ought to push the most mild-mannered people into revolt. Yet in Britain they provoke only students to riot. The wider public remains resigned rather than enraged; indifferent rather than incandescent

Not for much longer, Nick. Not for much longer.
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