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I would like to have a holiday this summer but I am not sure whether I will get the opportunity. I am teaching part time, and writing a book, and I don't have much income. On the plus side I have now been asked to write four books, counting the one I am working on right now, which should keep me busy until 2013. How much I will earn from them I don't know. I am getting a trip to Barbados in September to plan two of those books - obviously I won't be lying on the beach, but last time I went I enjoyed it a lot, so that's good.

I am quite unsettled still. I think unemployment is a frightening chasm, and while I have avoided it, I don't feel I am freed from its gravitational suck. I know this is is histrionic, and there are lj-friends in much more stressful circumstances. However, that's how I am feeling right now. Kind of scared about unspecified Things.
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