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Volcanoes not caused by fossil fuel!

Here is a Fox News anchorman interviewing an American science populariser (Bill Nye):
"Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) is being interviewed by a Fox News talking head who asks a surprisingly dumb question: Nye is talking about a volcano found on the moon, so he asks, "Does it go anywhere close to the climate change debate on earth?...we haven't been up there burning fossil fuels.". Bill Nye's eyebrows shoot up, he pauses very briefly, and you can see him recalibrating his brain so he can answer as he would to a perky 5 year old. It's wonderfully amusing, and he does give a very good answer." (source Pharyngula)

I like the way that Nye reaches out to the handsome-but-dumb news guy. And then news guy asks 'Why aren't there still volcanoes on the moon?', and Nye is like: 'Great question!' And it really is. I just know that feeling when a student is trying hard. Yes, come on, you can do it.

Anyway, this reminded me of this week's episode of the new retro-TV drama The Hour with Dominic West as a similarly handsome-but-dumb 1950s BBC news anchor. He is interviewing an Egyptian spokesman during the Suez crisis. The ugly-but-clever news guy has been schooling him in What To Say for hours. And then, during the interview you see West's brow furrowing and he's doing his best, and everyone holds their breath and - yes - he asks a sensible question! Yay!

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