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Harry Potter DH2

I went to see the final Harry Potter film today. It's good. It's well made. There are some excellent performances from the older actors, perhaps slightly showing up the overstretched youngsters. Some of the other films have frustrated me, seemed to be wasted opportunities, but I think this one triumphantly interpreted the source material. It seemed like a fitting culmination of the series of films. It's not going to transform them retrospectively into some level of art that they are not, or redeem the series if you didn't like it, but it was fitting and climactic within that context.

Issues about the plot not making sense and the (I think) disastrous epilogue were all discussed when the final book came out, and there seems to be not much more to add. Some of the worst aspects of the shaggy plot have been tidied up, and the pacing is much better in the film than the book. Also I like the way the best Harry Potter films give the feeling of physical sensory texture - stone and rain and so on. I think it gives a counterweight to the magical whimsy.

The 10 year trajectory of the books and films is an incredible real-time achievement, and to think almost everyone involved set out without a clear idea of how it would all come to resolution, or whether she would manage to bring it down to land. You can't help feeling sometimes that she didn't really understand the logic of her own plot, and yet, the logic is there.

Finally, I have got to say that the fates of Voldemort and Belatrix, exploding into scraps of dirty paper, reminded me very much of a male psycho and his female sidekick who have been in the news this week. And sentimental me likes to think that a work of art is an incantation.

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