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Will Self and the epiphenomenal imbroglio

I didn't get to watch Newsnight on Friday, with Will Self and Steve Coogan both excelling in their different ways. This article by Will Self seems to be a working-up of his comments from Friday. The prose is of the ripest cheese, and I love it. Self is like 'Yeah, what you going to do about it?'
The unholy triple alliance between media, the political class and the police may be characterised as a merely epiphenomenal imbroglio... A tectonic shift is taking place in our culture, namely the transition from a print/broadcast era... (to one in which) everyone swims about in a protoplasmic gloop of titillating supposition... (and we are currently) in a strange interregnum between cultural hegemonies

I am not sure people (eg in the comments which follow) realise that Self is playing this for laughs. I think it's a hoot. And of course, he also means every word.

ETA I like this comment 'if traditional media/power relations are in their death throes as Mr Self asserts, then at least the dictionary business has a safe future'
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