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I watched Cameron's press conference this morning, and what jumped out at me was his claim that he had not been given any information about Coulson before giving him the top communications job. The account in the Guardian seems to contradict this.

The disputed information relates to the axe-murder of Daniel Morgan. Two private investigators called Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery were charged with the crime but their trial suddenly collapsed in March this year. Rees (it is alleged) claimed 'police at Catford nick' had carried out the murder for him, but he might have been showing off.
"Rees and others have for a number of years been involved in the long-term penetration of police and intelligence sources … They have ensured that they have live sources within the Metropolitan police service and have sought to recruit sources within other police forces..."

A report on just one month of bugging at the agency shows an officer passing on information about the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.. (etc. etc.)...

Incidentally Fillery has also been convicted of making child pornography, and planting drugs on a woman so she would lose custody of her kids.

This is a massive bloody mess. It's like watching a stylish but pitch-dark film about events fifty years ago, and wondering what it must have been like to live in such a corrupt world. It's like reading about Jack The Hat McVitie or (as londonkds said in a comment the other day) it's like a James Ellroy novel: I suggest 'English Tabloid'.

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