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Reflections on Prime Minister's Questions

Obviously I was wrong yesterday to say that Rebekah Brooks would be immediately sacrificed. News International are trying to save Brooks by sacrificing Coulson first. This decision drops their political pawn David Cameron right in it, as Coulson was until recently Cameron's chief of communications.

I just went to the gym and they had Sky News on. I watched Prime Minister's Questions, and by god Cameron got a kicking. Cameron is kind of stuck. He can't call for Brooks to resign unless he gets permission, and he can't refuse (or even delay) the takeover of Sky TV by Rupert Murdoch. He is totally trapped in a Faustian predicament. His strongest remark: 'Everyone at News International has got to ask themselves some pretty searching questions.' Heavy. How about if we ask the searching questions, instead of leaving it up to the dubious introspective powers of a bunch of psychopaths?

Miliband in contrast did very well I thought, and I am not generally over-impressed by him: I like a bit more kick-ass than he can bring. However, his control was impressive. He called on Cameron to 'speak for the country', which of course is the one thing Cameron can not do.

Incidentally, Nick Clegg is a weak man, with poor judgment in many ways, but in terms of IQ he is obviously streets ahead of Cameron and Osborne. I think it is always interesting to compare their three faces during PMQ. Clegg has good control over his expression, and where his eyes go, and he sees rhetorical traps minutes ahead of the other two (you can see him react by increasing his facial control). Osborne doesn't have a clue, and you see him chortling away and unguardedly sneaking glances up at the press gallery, and smirking at stupid places. Remember when Cameron said 'Calm down dear'. Osborne was jumping up and down in his seat with delight, but Clegg's face slammed immediately into impassivity. So, I would say watch both Clegg and Osborne, they are like Cameron's Id and Superego, sitting on his right and left, giving a running commentary. When Clegg's face absolutely empties of expression you know they are really in trouble.

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