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Fred left behind a lot of papers, including a diary (spread over many, many, books) which seems to date back to 1940, which means it covers his experience of the Coventry blitz, and a lot of poetry and other writing. I went to see the local Museum yesterday, and they are keen to take the papers into their archive. I think that's a good first step, to save the papers, and then it may be that one of us can take the time to edit some of them into publishable form. I think the diary might be quite interesting in its own right. The funeral is today so I am going to talk to his executors to make sure they retain the papers and books when they clear the house, and I'll take them to the museum.

My poetry group met up for a meal on Wednesday to remember Fred and then we had a meeting at the Town Hall, in the usual way. One of my friend's played a recording of Fred reading some of his poetry, and with my eyes closed it was like he was there in the room as we have heard him so often.
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