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The Next People

Did you see this story:
Salman Rushdie is to make a sci-fi television series in the belief that quality TV drama has taken over from film and the novel as the best way of widely communicating ideas and stories.

He is right that modern TV is a significant artform. He cites Mad Men and The Wire as inspirational. He is undoubtedly a world class writer. He wants to do an SF show to Mad Men standard. For crying out loud. This is kind of an apotheosis of my nerdy interests.
The Next People is being made by Working Title, the film company behind many of the most successful British Films of the last 20 years from Four Weddings and A Funeral to Shaun of the Dead ... Rushdie has written the first draft of the script and will executive-produce the show, alongside British producers Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner.

Bevan and Fellner are the business; they produced The Big Lebowski for example.

Is it pathological pessimism to think this could all go so horribly wrong? Let me not be Marvin. Let me ignore the nagging sensation of doom all down my left diodes. Let's all close our eyes and try to believe very hard in this project.

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