Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The Trembling Bridge

This is a poem I wrote this week. It is partly based on the Lyke Wake Dirge:
To Brig o' Dread thou com'st at last;
And god receive thy saule.

I link the Northern English idea of the Bridge of Dread to the Norse concept of Bifrost, the bridge between earth and the domain of the gods.

From wikipedia:

Bilrost, or Bifröst, may mean "the shimmering path." bil (meaning "a moment")—"suggests the fleeting nature of the rainbow" ... the first element of Bifröst—the Old Norse verb bifa (meaning "to shimmer" or "to shake") provokes notions of the "lustrous sheen" of the bridge ... Bifröst either means "the swaying road to heaven" or "the fleetingly glimpsed rainbow" (possibly connected to bil, perhaps meaning "moment, or weak point").

The Trembling Bridge

The rain catches the ladybird
Poor blood, poor drop of blood
The wind inflates the drying sheets
Cloths flap in the upper trees
The windows open and the rain possesses the house
The carpets sodden and the cupboard door
Upset upon the kitchen floor
On the whinny moor
The lych-gate
Claps its plank hand
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