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Surprising Royal Wedding post - The Ex-Communicator

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April 30th, 2011

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10:14 am - Surprising Royal Wedding post
I went to the gym yesterday morning, because I didn't want to watch the Royal Wedding. But the telly was on in the gym, so I ended up looking at the pictures, though I was listening to my i-Pod. I have to confess, I ended up quite enjoying it. I ran for an hour on one of those machines, and it was good. I was listening to After The Gold Rush as the bride appeared and walked up the aisle, and I thought it fit really well.

I know everyone says this - whether it's true or not - but I was chilled and repelled by the wedding of Charles and Di. Di (like Obama) is almost exactly my age - born within a few days of me - and in 1981 I was a young student, leading a free and easy life, and there she was, her life almost closing down around her. I pitied her. The feminist slogan at that time was 'Don't do it Di', and I've got to say it was good advice. Though I guess many women in my generation ended up on a similar life route - two kids, broken relationship, and it worked out OK for most of us.

I did not get bad vibes this time. Kate M seems to be mature and strong-minded (this is just from looking at her for half an hour on the telly so take it as you wish) and I got the impression she was the top dog in her relationship. Nobody will pity this one.

In respect of the Monarchy, it doesn't do much for me - I'm not very interested in ceremony, I think I'm a bit unusual - and I dislike the overall crappy incompetent upper class who tag on to this business. However, the use of living human beings as symbolic icons is powerful, and when the process is handled competently, as it was yesterday, it is impressive and defiant. I think, if people like it, and it builds communal feeling in the teeth of capitalist misery, then all to the good.

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Date:May 1st, 2011 05:57 am (UTC)
Being on in prime time helped. I caught a bit of it. The British monarchy were never very good at this sort of thing but they're the only game left in town.
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Date:May 1st, 2011 07:36 am (UTC)
I value the way it opens up conversation between me and other women - for example I visited Fred in hospital yesterday and his other visitor was an older woman, his next of kin in fact, and she spoke very warmly about the wedding. It's really not my cup of tea but if it brings so much happiness to women who don't have that much power or comfort, then I think it should be retained.

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