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My hovercraft is full of eels

I was just reading this piece on English as She is Spoke, the notoriously bad Portuguese/English phrase book which became a cult comedy hit in the Victorian era. So I got the book for my Kindle and read it yesterday. Here is a poem made entirely from lines from the phrase book.

Lines from a phrase book

The paving stone is slippery.
The thunder bolt is falling down.
The rose trees begin to button.
The hands itch at him.
Have you forgeted me?

We shall have fine weather to day.
I fear of the thunder bolt.
The sun rise on.
The sun lie down.
(I have a letter to write,
It is of my cousin)
Is it true what is told of him?

How the times are changed!
Anciently I had some servants
Who could divine my thoughts.
Their duty was done in an instant.
All things
Were cleanly held.

Look, a hare who run.
It go in the ploughed field.
Let aim it!
Let make fire!
I see a hind.
Do not disturb it.
Let it pass away.
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