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AMC's 'The Killing'

I urge US viewers who get the chance to see the original Danish version of The Killing. Apparently the original will never be shown on American television. I think that's an example of the TV stations underestimating their audience; I'm sure US viewers could enjoy a show with subtitles. Anyway, in the meantime AMC are screening their own remake. A double episode (Pilot + Episode 1 or something) was shown last night. I'll call it 'AMC's The Killing' for clarity.

My impression is good. This first episode seems to be a shot for shot remake of the first two episodes of the original. Seattle for Copenhagen. It's not quite as rough and gritty as the original, but it is well made, and it doesn't pretty up the female lead, although she hasn't got the intense hard-faced charisma and boiling energy of Sarah Lund. But who could? The cinematography is good - pale opalescent rather than dark, and there's a marked difference in the use of music, which is loud and signals emotion very strongly in this (I don't really remember much use of music in the original at all).

They say there is a different killer and motive from the original (unless that's a double bluff). The exigencies of avoiding two different spoilers for two different murder plots might make it difficult to comment on this show in anything but the vaguest terms. If I speculate on anyone as the murderer in this one, I am ruling them out in the other, and it all gets very complicated.

Guardian TV Review

PS - AMC how come you anticipate my tastes? It's kind of spooky. We've never even met.

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