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Source Code

The trailer for the new SF film Source Code made it look awful. Then Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian gave it five stars, yesterday which is pretty far out, so I went to see it.

In reality it is a reasonably good film. I just had a quiet couple of hours at home today and I watched Galaxy Quest on BBC1. Now that's a five star SF film. I was crying real tears like almost non-stop. Peter Bradshaw is an excellent film critic, and I think he wants to appreciate genre cinema, but he doesn't really have the gut feel for it. But, you know, it's not the fault of this film that he slightly over-sold it. It's still pretty good.

Source Code is basically Quantum Leap, but our chrononaut goes back into the same body over and over again, reliving the same eight minutes, trying to put right what once went wrong. This is in the trailer so I think it's OK to say it.

It's pretty well done. It's got the obligatory dumbo Hollywood 'estranged father and son' stuff. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, who is OK, and Vera Farmiga who was the psychiatrist in The Departed, and I really appreciate the chance to see more of her.

I think there was an extra plot twist which has been excised, by which the people who are sending him back to relive eight minutes are themselves trapped within a recycling eight minutes, sent back from a further future that we never see. Without this extra twist the plot as it is doesn't make any sense, because they have knowledge they couldn't have.

I dunno, films never seem to be able to portray nested contingent realities right - I mean Sucker Punch sounds unredeemable shite, Matrix blew it, Inception pissed me off. OK, perhaps it's me. Anyway, within this context, this film is pretty good, and I enjoyed it.

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