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Making time to read

darkemerald (on dreamwidth) posts about loss of reading attention. I am very conscious that during the past couple of months, when I have been very stressed with leaving my job, my reading capacity has shriveled away. When I am stressed I can't concentrate, and story books and serious non-fiction are what disappear first. I still read poetry, and I also still read lots of online stuff, daft or serious, and watch television. When I am at my lowest ebb I play stupid computer games. I have been unhappy and stressed the past couple of weeks, though I am hoping it will ease up now, and my reading has kind of pipped off, and my writing too. I am hoping it comes back now.

emerald's questions in italic

Do you read books? In what formats?

I read books in paper, on Kindle, and listen to them on my i-pod.

How would you describe your relationship to reading?

It's all unsettled at the moment because the rhythm and pattern of my life has changed a lot recently, and I haven't adjusted to it. For example I used to listen to a lot of novels while I was walking to work and back. Working from home gives me opportunities to read but I haven't properly adjusted to them yet.

In the past reading has been my big thing, my solace and retreat. I read all through bringing up my kids. When I see people now that I used to know then they are all 'I remember how you would always be reading'.

When I was off sick with appendicitis and other stuff I found I couldn't read much then. It came back that time so I am confident it will come back this time.

How much do you read--hours per week, books per month, however you measure it?

It's just fallen off so much in the last couple of months that I can't even say any more. I read some of something every day.

When? Under what circumstances?

I read in the living room on the sofa. I read in the Supermarket waiting in the queue. I read in the bath. I read while I am doing the washing up with a book propped up. I read in a cafe. That kind of thing.

Is there something you specifically don't do to make time for reading?

No. I am weak and I just do what I feel like each moment. I do feel like reading quite a lot, generally.

Have you noticed a decline in attention--in the ability to sit and read? And if so, how do you deal with it?

I think the Kindle has exacerbated my magpie tendencies. Because I don't have to commit to taking a particular book with me when I go out, I have like a dozen on the go at once, which isn't very satisfactory. I think I may settle a bit with it when I get used to it.
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