Communicator (communicator) wrote,

No cause for concern

I do not know very much, but I feel uneasy when I read articles saying that there is little risk of anything bad happening at Fukushima. I get the same feeling when I read articles saying there is 'no chance' of a double-dip recession. It reminds me of that expression - gosh where did I read it? - 'Of course our armies are always successful, but I can't help noticing their victories are getting closer to the home planet' (was it Orson Scott Card).

It's just that each time it's a more serious development which is 'no cause for alarm'. And then when the worst happens it's always described as a 'surprise', even though it's exactly what people have been worrying about all along.

Of course just because experts deny there is anything wrong, that doesn't prove the opposite. If I were to say 'the moon is about to explode' experts would say 'no it isn't' and they'd be right. But there is something about the denials that makes me uneasy. It's just an uneasy feeling really, nothing I can support better than that.

My guess is that the experts don't really know, and feel it is better to say soothing things. Let us hope that events work out that way.
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