Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Eg spreke neet Nordien so gud

A school just up the road from me is offering classes in elvish. I won't be rushing to sign up.

"The reason I'm offering the lessons is to give the boys, some of whom have special educational needs, something to boost their self-esteem" Well, fair enough then.

That one's Sindarin. However you can learn Quenya on line.

This blog written in Klingon, possibly created using this translation program.

But let's ramp this thing up a notch: this site offers details of over 300 made up languages.

Bogomol is used by the insectoid race of Epsilon Indi II. The designer describes it as a "quantum language": the meaning of an utterance remains only potential until the very end, when a "ranking syllable" collapses all the potential meanings into one.
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