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Wow I am tired today after the weekend at Redemption. This is an SF con of medium size, with a balance between media fandom and literary SF, and a lot of varied fan activities.

I do like the feel of the Redemption con atmosphere; it's very participative. There were too many interesting discussions to attend all the ones I wanted to hear, and I took part in quite a few. I think I only sat on one panel where I was completely de trop: this was on biology. The panel was lead by a lady from the BBC natural history unit, who was not only knowledgeable but confidently articulate. She had contributed assertively and constructively, from the audience, at a feminism panel I sat on the day before, and I felt that the best way I could return the favour was to shut up and let her do her stuff.

On another panel - on the impact of developments in technology - I knew very little, but I was able to contribute by asking dumb questions (not hard, as I was the dumb one). I think this helped the flow of the discussion a little.

In other panels - on Misfits, Lovecraft, werewolves, short SF stories and ghost stories, and as I say feminism - I felt I could contribute more constructively. However, in all cases, at Redemption it is about what the audience bring, to the extent that I hope the panel/audience distinction can break down. I was also a Masquerade judge: six or seven sharp costume presentations. I felt that the Cabaret acts which followed were well conceived - working to people's strengths, snappily introduced by the_magician, not outstaying their welcome - better than at Eastercon where some I felt were more suitable to be shared with a small circle of friends.

And of course it was great to see my friends, many of whom are on livejournal, and are very varied and interesting bunch. Some of you I only see for one weekend every two years - how strange that is. Some I missed - I may have passed you in the corridor, but I tried to spot names and faces that I knew.
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