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RSC Open Stages - The Ex-Communicator

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February 11th, 2011

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06:52 pm - RSC Open Stages
Some on my f-list might be interested:

Take part in the UK's biggest amateur theatre project
Produce your own RSC Shakespeare themed production

RSC Open Stages is a new project that aims to embrace, develop and celebrate amateur theatre, re-forging the bond with the world of professional theatre.

Over 2011/2012 the RSC, in partnership with a number of regional theatres and amateur theatre associations, will run a national programme of skills sharing events and showcases, with amateur societies from across the UK invited to produce their own RSC branded Shakespeare themed production.

'The RSC wants to lead a step change in the relationship with the amateur sector; to celebrate its rich traditions, open our doors to its work and collaborate with partners nationally to leave a significant legacy.'

Michael Boyd
RSC Artistic Director

Read more and download application form here

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