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Save the woods

I think that plans to sell off the woodlands concern me more than any other political moves - and that's saying something. After all, the NHS, the BBC, even the very education system of our country, these are human institutions. Even if the human population of this country is damaged, if the singularity takes us all away, even if everyone died in some Survivors-style epidemic, the land itself would carry on.

The British woodlands are greater than us, than any generation of human beings. It's our job to preserve them not sell them off to pay bonuses to people who will be gone like all of us in a few years. If it was a question of my life versus the woods then I am less important, because I will be gone in a few decades anyway, and the woods are eternal. Not literally eternal, I know. One day there will be an Ice Age or something. But compared to transient human life, they are on a different time scale. They are more important than me. I'm not just talking about the trees, but the animals and birds that live in them. I was walking in Cannock Chase the other day, and I looked up, and there were five silent deer right next to me. If you put the trees through a wood chipper for their cash cost you might as well put those deer in the wood chipper. They will be just as dead.

If the woods are gone, what is left?

Save Our Forests Campaign

Here is the Online Petition.

Over 300,000 people have signed so far. Please consider adding your name. My feeling is this is one issue where we have a chance of making a difference. Three quarters of the British population are opposed to this measure.
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