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BBC Music Test

You might be interested in the BBC 'How Musical Are You?' test. It takes 25 minutes, and there are a number of practical tests (like clicking along to the beat of a track and sorting sounds into groups). Note that you have to register with the BBC site - I registered a few weeks back so I could post irritable comments :-)

I got average for 'musical perception', above average on emotional response to music, and below average on creative participation (I don't make music at all). This seems accurate.

It's interesting that none of my family (my brothers and sisters) are musical, but we are all married to highly musical people; three of our spouses are or have been professional musical artists. Many of my best friends are musical too. I suppose it's a complementary form of creativity.

I get a better response from a wider range of music since I learned to combine it with mental narrative. I think it might be something to do with stimulating different parts of my brain. I find I have a stronger emotional reaction to reading poetry if I have music playing. I find music is more vivid if I attempt to create a verbal narrative in my brain as I listen to it. Or I think it also works if I close my eyes and try to summon abstract visual patterns.

On the other hand someone on my f-list posted yesterday that she can't concentrate on reading if there is music playing. I suspect this is because she is more musical than me, so it captures more than half her attention.
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