Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Ye are many, they are few

And I suppose what I feel is that in a more practical immediate sense, things like the NHS and functioning schools are not a benevolence which those more powerful than us graciously bestow. They aren't a luxury that 'they' can't afford to pay for any more. In fact the people are powerful, and we consent to this system because it is better than the alternatives. And that's something they have to work to sustain, or bear the consequences. That's the job of leaders. You can't take the goodies and not do the hard work.

And if the rich have a foolish model which tells them that they need to shake us up with a bit of 'chaos' to make us take responsibility then I think they will be in for a shock. Because if you lay down the reins you use to steer a process, if managing it is too expensive or tiresome for you, then you no longer have any direction over where it goes.

I was thinking about the Maya cities in Yucatan. When the Spanish arrived there were maybe a million Maya living in the jungle, but none in the cities, which had fallen into disrepair. For some reason a couple of hundred years earlier they had just decided to stop working there, and all moved out to live a different way.
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